Case:             # 2017-02

Location:  Private Residence, North Oshawa, Ontario


Conditions: -2C, Clear

Members:  Dave, Chris, Phil, Sydney


A family had called CHAPS in after a collection of events had terrorized the family. They have abandoned the use of their basement due to the events. Daughters who inhabited the basement have had dressers swept off of the items on top. Causing them to move to the upstairs, one has moved out. The bathroom being worked on there... abandoned. On the main floor, using the Xbox Kinect the one young lady experienced an extra person on the screen not within the home. Plates being moved and noise heard, people seen. It was copious and extreme. The family was very stirred. Even during the pre investigative interview the TV was shaking on the wall.


The diagnostics of the home, showed nothing out of the ordinary at all. This place does not fit the profile so to speak. It is a very professional home, very concerned owners.

During the investigation, of the upstairs. Child's room where there was some concern, nothing on toward occurred. Noting out of the ordinary and nothing on audio evidence. Clear.

Main floor. Chris who was monitoring the DVR heard shuffling of feet next to him, startled him visibly. In the living room, when discussing a certain topic, we heard a moan. Audibly. Really odd. This can be seen on video.

In the basement experiments with Kinect didn't amount to much, it did also seem like the "jive" in the home had disappeared. Leading me to believe if there is anything it is a reactive entity.

A medium had explained there was a vortex in the basement. We could not support this claim.



We believe there could be something. Reactive to certain cues. Nothing bad and the family has resumed their lives there.



Moan or something



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