Case:             # 2017-01

Location:  Private Residence, Whitby, Ontario


Weather:  Conditions, cold evening. -10 but clear

Members:  Dave, Chris, Shannon, Phil


CHAPS was called out to Whitby Ontario to investigate claims of coughing being heard down a hall and touching. The area itself did seem to have an uncommon amount of tragedy with mostly children. The house, past owners had a son that was not kind to society, he was murdered and never found according to accounts of the owner.


All base reads were normal, with the exception of mid hallway. They were very high, to what we mostly assign to the CO2 meter. Rest of the home is still. The investigation went without much ado, with the exception of a KII session in the kitchen, where when the mention of an extra marital affair with the previous owners made the spikes very prevalent. The audio was too contaminated with pet noises to bring anything concise so we have rescheduled an EVP follow up.


Follow up required due to contamination, is scheduled.


PHOTOS from this investigation