Case:             # 2016-20

Location:  Private Residence, Omemee, Ontario


Date:  August 2016

Arrival:  7PM

Weather:  Clouds, 33C and humid


CHAPS were called to investigate the claims of poltergeist activity at a rural home in the Kawartha Lakes. Claims, from the phantom cat that slips around the property, seeing shadows, hearing child's cries, a heavenly smell of lilac and dishes being shifted and rocked.


A rather humid and buggy evening to begin with we arrived early in the eve to set up, residents would not be there but a roommate would be accompanying us. He was very helpful in describing the goings on and the departed "Izzy" that seems to make an appearance in smell, of lilac. He participated in the investigation on many levels. This was appreciated. Base reads, they came up clean with the exception of the expected panel. But nothing out of the ordinary. The history of the property, used to be several homes, now consolidated to one home split into 2 rentals. That a 92 year old woman had died in what is now the child's room.

During the investigation things remained quiet in the one part of the home. Both Dave and Carolyn did feel this elusive cat running over the feet. In the roommates room. They do have a cat with a loud bell on it. Not in the room. So that was interesting. Later in the eve we did hear a child like noise of some kind, 2 X Dave heard it in the garage 300 ft away, through the in house feed. We could not locate the source of the noise. At times sounds mechanical. So left with the mindset that this is not evidence.


Unfortunately during this investigation we did not garner any hard evidence to call it active. Did get some killer bug bites though that required medical attention.


PHOTOS from this investigation