Case:  # 2016-18

Location:  Private Residence, Stittsville, Ontario


Members:  Catherine, Shanna, Cathy, and Carolyn


Over the past 4 years the family has been experiencing strange occurrences such as shadows, feelings of being held down, being grabbed, eerie feelings in the basement.

The family had a medium in and someone to cleans the house. They were told that something was following the daughter and that a portal had been opened when they used a Ouija board at one point in time. The family feels that the Grandmother has been watching over them and protecting them against whatever entity may be disturbing them.


We started the investigation by doing base reads and all was normal. The family joined us during the investigation. The area in the basement where the claims of the portal being opened was clear. No abnormal readings and no experiences during the investigation. Moving upstairs to the bedrooms where the rest of the claims occurred were also clear. One member of the team did feel like they were touched on the arm.

All reads were normal throughout the evening and after reviewing the evidence all came back as clear. We did feel that if there was something present it was not evil or trying to hurt the family, buy more so the possibility of the grandmother letting them know that she is there watching over them. Sometimes clients can have a sensitivity to the other side not knowing and can regard it as evil and aggressive rather than simply a loved one wanting to communicate with them.

After we left things seemed to be quiet. We had also did a smudging and gave some insight on what may be occurring.


PHOTOS from this investigation