Case:             # 2016-17

Location:  Hill View Manor, New Castle, Pennsylvania, United States


Conditions: -2 to 10 degrees windy and wet at times

Members:  Dave, Sandy, John, Sydney, Carolyn, Cathy


CHAPS took the opportunity to head to Haunted Hillview Manor of New Castle PA. These locations, always are for the teams fun and enjoyment. We tend to look at the past investigations and as a research team do our best to dispute and debunk claims. It is our responsibility. This was the old Lawrence county poor farm, eventually renovated into a retirement home that was shut down due to health and integrity issues. Claims of skeletal figures coming down the "red" hallway in the newer portion from the 70's. Sightings of Jimmy upstairs and a lady who had her eyes out, a little boy who supposedly lived there. There is no real record of that. Seemed a number of doctors killing themselves or others jumping out the windows. Previous research shows none of that. Drama maybe of the family that ran it, getting booted out and their daughter dying there. That we found. Most claims are unfounded and common among places of public interest that we investigate.


Base reads not showing anything of merit. Investigation, for the beginning not really all that interesting. Little noises here and there. The pick line audio had some door scraping and furniture movement. That was perplexing but we couldn't have it happen again when we got up there. Admittedly there were portions of the building one might feel very sensitive at. Top floor where most of the claims came from, very quiet. Jimmy through research and speaking to former employees and children of residents, was an actual person as he was described.

Middle floor seems to be where we got a lot of our action. Many touches and sounds. In the newer section as well, we did see this elusive movement. Unsure if that is the lights playing tricks. But interesting. Basement we read on the bad things going on, re the video. We did get some supportive EVP however the biggest one during a break with what sounds like a child mocking Carolyn going for a parcel in her car. Very clear. May support the presence of a child.


We believe some activity there. Clear EVP that we can't debunk relative to what was being said. 1A EVP are hard to come by like this one.



Get Out

Get Out (Longer)

Female Voice

Gotta Get em

Lets tell

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