Case:             # 2016-16

Location:  Private Residence, Ottawa Valley, Ontario


Members:  Dave, Carolyn, Cathy, and Catherine


Mother and daughter. Mother grew up in the same house and subsequently purchased it, now living there with her daughter. Daughter is now experiencing similar events as her mother did when she was child and lived there. Daughter claims to feel a negative presence in her bedroom and is very uncomfortable sleeping there. She claims to have also seen a shadow figure in the hall. The mother claims to have had similar experiences when she was a child.


Mother has requested that their names not be used in any documentation or any video/pictures showing them or with distinguishing features of the home. Mother requested that a medium be present and also asked if we could smudge the house when we were done.

As soon as we started the base reads we were getting high emf readings in odd parts of the house, i.e. the middle of the kitchen, one corner of the daughter’s bedroom. Further investigation found that the electrical panel downstairs had emf reads that were off the meter. Also at one point during the evening we were sitting on a sofa in the main floor living room and noticed higher than normal emf readings. These were mostly likely coming up through the floor from the basement. After sitting with the client for about 10 minutes one investigator commented that she was starting to feel a headache coming on, most likely due to the high emf readings. This was communicated to the client as something to watch out for, sensitivity to high emf. It was also suggested to the client that she may want to have the electrical in the basement looked at by a professional.

There was nothing conclusive in the evidence collected by the team. There was, however, an odd incident where a chair in the basement rec room had high emf readings, but not the environment around it. The medium sat in the chair as we conducted an evp session in the room. The medium experienced some uncomfortable symptoms or impressions and left the room to discuss his experience with the client. There was one potential evp caught in the daughter’s bedroom as we were breaking down the equipment but since the dvr was turned off at this time, we cannot prove that no one entered the bedroom or was talking near the area of the voice recorder. We finished the evening with a smudging of the home, at the client’s request.

We have since been trying to contact the client to see if anything has changed in the home since we were there but we have be unable to reach her. If she does call us back we will issue an update.

There is no video and limited picture at the clients request.

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