Case:             # 2016-15

Location:  St Albans Sanatorium, Radford, Virginia


Date:  Summer 2016

Weather:  Temps in the high 80's very sunny. Humid.


We were invited by CPRI to collaborate on an investigation at St Albans Sanitarium. This has served a number of functions as most of these building do, from school to home for the aged. The claims intrigue us, as they are so much in common with other buildings of the like that we have investigated. The "characters" from shadowperson, the child who normally doesn't live in this sort of place that dies, the grumpy spirit. Has somewhat become a pet project of ours.

Base reads, the building is dead. We set up the equipment, much like our own team CPRI shares the same MO. However they do a quiet time, this further intrigued us as we got to hear the building without our interruption. Amazing, and something that we have since adopted. So after hearing the sounds we did. Set out. Much space between teams. Our team went up to the dark hallway. CPRI tends to remain sentinel for an extended period of time. We're more restless than that. So we did move on to perform EVP sessions. A shadow person was reported, they call their reports of activity down to the base to be tracked vs their data collectors spread throughout. As CHAPS are not scientists we tend not to do that as we wouldn't use the information correctly. Throughout the night there were a number of spots where we heard things, in the basement hearing a cracking at the door. In the bowling alley a chirping. Upstairs Rob from CPRI and Dave from CHAPS did witness a running shadow, it cross migrated through 3 types of surface and light conditions so we can't explain that. Later, during smaller team sessions, John, Rob and Dave followed noises through the central common. The ladies followed, the swinging lock and the slamming of the door unexplained. The common of these experiences did go on through the night but CHAPS did not garner any solid evidence other than an amazing evening with a great team we learned from.


PHOTOS from this investigation