Case: # 2016-12
Location: Private Residence, St Thomas, Ontario

Members on Case:

Kevin, Mike, Bryce and Johnathan


We were greeted by the home owners sister, Marie who welcomed us into the home, the house dates back to the 1850's and has been in the family since day one. We were called in to find evidence of previous family members still residing at the home, reports are footsteps, voices and the apparition of a young girl in the backyard. We started out with base reads in the main floor and the basement as these were the only areas we were able to access, the 2nd floor and attic were closed off due to extensive renovations.

EVP sessions started in the basement and lasted for about 45 mins with nothing coming up on the recorder due to noise contamination and EVP sessions were held on the main floor with nothing coming up on the recorder after 60 mins of EVP work. Unfortunately nothing came up on video or audio and we have discussed with the home owner about a possible return investigation later in the year so we can have access to the entire house.