Case: # 2016-11
Location: Bowmanville, Ontario Home

Members on case:

Dave, Sandy, Shannon, and Sydney


+10C, clear skies. No wind 8pm-3am


Invited by a frantic mother over her kids and husband being affected by something. Definitely something affecting them physically. However the issue has been corrected. The home, reads other than an internet router read flat. The kids have been getting skin marks. Doctor has no explanation. Husband is very concerned, he suffered a facial contusion as well. Medically this was explainable however. The mood shifts were concerning her. Seems a fire had taken place there and a person had passed on their unit. I have been working with the fire dept to confirm this event and have not been able to come to this conclusion as of yet. During the investigation many of us heard growls, and shhhh. It was odd. Our equipment, 7 pcs of it went down at the same time. Batts all drained or malfunctioning. Same time as a groan was heard, and our only presentable EVP from this investigation. It was also near this time Shannon had to run out to be sick. Myself I did experience some strong stomach cramps. Sydney and Sandy all felt something of a physical nature. I am unsure if this is coincidental but it was noteworthy. We do intend to return with less equipment more to experience an event. Very nice family


With the pattern of the equipment failure, timing of violent illness and the EVP yet not at any other point I think points to the possibility of a residual haunt if anything. Non intelligent non meaning movement of energy. We will need to return for more definitive results




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