Case:             # 2016-09

Location:  Ashmore Estates, Ashmore, Illinois, United States


Date:             May 13-15 2016

Members:  Dave, Sandy, John, Shannon, Sydney, Carolyn, Cathy, Dan, and Catherine

Guests:        Mike, Darren, and Morgan

Climate:    Friday night: 12 degrees with strong wind, rain and lightening          

                          Saturday morning: 14 degrees windy          

                          Saturday night: 9 degrees mild wind          

                          Sunday morning: 10 degrees mild wind          

                          Sunday night : 10 degrees and clear     Mike, Darren, and Morgan



Ashmore Estates is a historic building outside of Ashmore, Illinois, United States. From 1857 until 1869, the Coles County Poor Farm was located here. Many residents, or "inmates" as they were called, died at the farm, and the county maintained a small cemetery somewhere north of the grounds. By 1911, the Auxiliary Committee of the State Board of Charities condemned the almshouse for its "vermin infected walls," "rough floors," "small windows," and improper ventilation. It was reported that "flies swarmed everywhere" and "were especially noticeable on the poor food prepared for dinner."

This former almshouse, once part of the Coles County Poor Farm, was built in 1916 and operated until 1959, when it was purchased for use as a private psychiatric care facility. The institution reopened in 1965, but changed its focus from a private facility to one that accepted patients from state mental institutions. By 1968, the shelter care facility housed forty-nine residents, including ten afflicted with epilepsy. Ashmore Estates closed in 1986 and stood abandoned until 2006.

In 1998, a resident of Sullivan named Arthur Colclasure paid $12,500 for the property and announced that he planned to renovate the building and turn it into his home. However, continuous vandalism prevented him from ever realizing his plans.

In August 2006, Scott Kelley purchased Ashmore Estates from Arthur Colclasure and began renovating. To finance the project, the Kelleys offered flashlight tours of the interior. To discourage trespassers, they erected signs and moved onto the property. Their haunted house opened on October 13, 2006. In the off-season, Scott offered overnight stays in the building.

In January 2013, Ashmore Estates was hit by a fierce storm, with wind speeds reaching 80 to 100 mph. Ashmore Estates suffered heavy damage; its roof was blown off and the support gables were destroyed. Shortly thereafter, new owners took over the property and made plans to restore the building to its former glory.

On May 2, 2014 the building and property was sold to Robbin & Norma Terry. The building was in disrepair when they purchased it but through their efforts and many volunteers in the paranormal community they have managed to bring the building back to life. The building has not looked as good as it does today in years. The plans for the building is to continue with paranormal investigations.


This building has had many claims. Many Evp have been captured here, Some believed to be from a maintenance guy named Joe, a little girl who died in a fire named Alva, and from a nurse that likes to be called "mom". People have claimed to have been touched or poked. Some have claimed to see full body apparitions here.


CHAPS was at Ashmore Estates for 3 nights. The first night was rather crazy weather. Rain and the wind was very strong which created a lot of noise throughout the building. At multiple times throughout the investigation, investigators saw shadows moving in the hallways. Catherine felt like she had been kicked on the stairs and heard heavy breathing in her ear. Sandy along with a guest Mike, heard what very much sounded like piano notes being played in the distance even though they were standing right beside the only piano in the building. Many bangs and other noises were heard throughout the investigation. While taking pictures of the building on the Saturday afternoon, Sandy heard what sounded like a child giggling hysterically. During one session one group experienced hearing footsteps, at that exact time the motion light came on and the geophone lit up. Many voices and whispers were heard. During another session Catherine felt like her pants had been tugged, while during a separate session Carolyn also had the feeling of her pants being tugged.


Some birds and bats were also present in the building so some of the noises we would have to attribute to them. Due to the weather on the Friday night almost all noise from that night we would have to conclude was due to the wind. We got some great EVP and had many unexplainable experiences at Ashmore Estates. We believe there is some activity there and will be returning in 2017.




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