Case: # 2016-07
Location: 1847 Wine and Beer Bistro, Whitby, Ontario


-10C winds very high, cloudy. 9pm to 3am


Clients had called us into the bistro for claims of a very active spirit. A customer had claimed the locks on the safe room in the basement popping, staff had to come back to the building as the alarm system was coding that there were people downstairs and the candles on the table re light. Also seems the mood in the establishment changes sometimes prompting conflict.

Base reads rolled as normal. Nothing out of the ordinary. High readings where we expected them. The staff were very helpful with animated interviews, and obvious something was upsetting them. A few stayed around.

History of the building goes back, as being a hardware store and a bank. We had researched the previous owners, visited their graves and mentioned in EVP sessions any plausible rationale for any spiritual conflict.

Despite that. The noise contamination was a factor. Hence we couldn't continue with audio and investigative integrity so we had to halt proceedings for another time in the future.


Undetermined will need to return


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