Case: # 2016-05
Location: Private Residence, London, Ontario


February 20, 2015


There are several claims from the both residence living in the home, including one resident asking the other questions, believing they were standing just outside of one of the bedrooms, however they were in another part of the home. Claims also include footsteps above them while they are on the main level. Other claims include their pet cats being spooked and several occurrences of objects being moved or thrown. The day of the investigation, the client claimed their laptop, which was on a kitchen counter, was knocked off and broken while no one was around.


After a briefing with the clients, the team began in the basement/lower level living room. Not long after the investigation began, Kevin and Jason, who were facing toward the wall at the bottom of the stairs, both noticed a shadow break the line of light which was flowing down from the upstairs kitchen. The shadow seemed to move across the wall as if someone was walking by the upstairs door, or walking down the stairs. The team quickly went into action, seeking a solid explanation for what they had just seen. This included Jason walking by the upstairs door, moving around in the kitchen area where the light was coming from and Kevin doing the same, to try and recreate the shadow. During each trial the team could not replicate either the motion, or opaqueness of the figure that they saw. After an hour of trying to debunk this, the team was left empty and decided to move on. After a short while in the laundry room, where the client claimed a laundry basket under a chute would be moved, there were no occurrences.

The team moved upstairs to a spare bedroom, there were no claims in this room, however the team began getting significant K2 hits right from the start. At this time the hits seemed to answer our questions and commands, before coming to an abrupt stop. Kevin, Jason and Mike checked the area for any EMF that could cause these hits, even taking the K2 outside of the room’s window to check for any satellite dish inference or, any cable or hydro line that could have caused the K2 to activate, but it could not be debunked. The team moved on to the main bedroom, however they did not capture any evidence.

After a short break the team re-entered the spare room where the K2 hits were. Again the team had minor hits on the K2. At this time, the team were about to wrap up and decided to do one more test with the K2 in the spare bedroom. This time, Kevin went up solo, with the K2, while Jason and Mike began using their cell phones to text and go online, to check if it was possibly cell phone interference from the homeowners and/or neighbors which was setting the K2 off during the investigation. However, during the duration of Kevin’s time in the room, the K2 did not fluctuate once.

The team then wrapped up the investigation.


Between the shadow that was seen as well as the K2 hits that the team were unable to debunk, it’s safe to say that there most likely something paranormal going on within the home and/or area. We will be doing a return investigation to try and recreate the happenings.

UPDATE: The client contacted us a few weeks after the investigation claiming to have seen a shadow in the same area that the team had seen it and would like a return visit.