Case: # 2016-03
Location: Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Ontario

Members on case:

Dave, Sandy, Sydney, Dan, Cathy, Carolyn, Phil, Shanna, Jeff, John, Tyler, Mike, Catherine, Chris, and Shannon


-8 and overcast. 8pm-3am


Chaps was invited to attend the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa. No way were we missing a chance to investigate a highly esteemed federal building. The directors gave us a wonderful tour and boardroom history session as to their background and function. This building, served as parliament for a short period when the "hill" burnt down. Laurier was was also waked in this building. Though it did not serve as anyone's residence.

Many claims of the normal cold spots, electrical issues etc. A worker had seen someone in the now cafeteria, refusing to work that shift again. Others have felt "spirit" around native artifacts as well.

Despite being only -8, it was a very cold night as the team filed in. 20 strong. Big location. We broke into 2 teams, security in the building stated they needed to escort which was fine as they were very active with us, even during EVP sessions doing interactive translation services. Very impressive architecture. There was some situations that did hamper the teams efforts. Cross contamination on a number of levels. One of course in the in and out of teams to the main hall. This added to the fact that the museum displays were all still active, whether the bugs in the insect display area to screeching dinosaurs in their display. Lights on, mechanical on. The building was fully functional including cleaning staff. For a number of levels, this would affect our electronic metering devices, and audio. EVP would be a complete scrub, anything we found could be considered something else. That considered, no way we could present any responsibly with any integrity.

During our eve we did have some strange occurrence with the electronic doors at the dinosaur exhibit that need a card to open they were flying open and closed. This did concern the security that had never seen this before. Mind you we had a look and it seems it came off track at some point prompting a form of mechanical issue.

We would also like to put to rest the rumour that the architect jumped off the tower. His family confirmed he died at home of a sickness.


There is nothing we surmised that would point to a haunting. Love doing the location however very nice building in a great city.


PHOTOS from this investigation