Case: # 2016-02
Location: Niagara Falls, Ontario Home

Members on case:

Dave, Sandy, Kevin, Shannon, and Sydney


We have been asked to come investigate a fellow teams home. It is in the same neighborhood as a previous investigation that garnered strong results. They claims of kitchen utensils being moved, shadows and footsteps as well as the resident being locked into the basement.


This investigation also served as a training venue.

Most of the eve went smooth as the base reads showed only a fishtank having anything of measure. The group had felt touches, at times the KII had spiked. Later when asked to do so. At one point in the investigation Dave became quite sick and needed to step out, once investigation was finished. He felt as if he had no issue. Their was a Christmas ornament that had begun making noise. This item needs to be set off by hands. Gets affected then by motion. It had been re staged and was going off when no one was around. All this, can be considered quite circumstantial. The one odd event that did occur in front of witness account is the DVR camera came up and fell forward. Multiple attempts to recreate failed. This is view able on the video. Again this is not proof of a haunt, or paranormal. Interesting however and worth another investigation with less bodies there to skew result.




PHOTOS from this investigation