Case: # 2016-01
Location: Glenerin Inn, Mississauga, Ontario

Members on case:

Dave, Sandy, Kevin, Shannon, and Sydney


Invited to attend the Glenerin inn to investigate the claims of the paranormal as given by client and employee. The decision to not use DVR due to the vast nature of the Inn. Base reads came back nil in every case but an electrical room in the basement, which did surmount to a very high total. This could explain some of the sensations of worry for the employees in that area coupled with the old pictures and basement feeling. There are points in the basement near the spa where people see shadows. A mirror at the end of the hallway on a 90 degree angle could account for some of those accounts. The voices heard in the basement also suspect since the tunnel to the carriage house carry voices from the second floor of that part of the manor. Hence we believe that coupled with the noises from above coming from carts, can explain many of the claims coming from that area. The sight of a nun in the spa itself however we can't explain nor were able to capture or recreate. This is where personal account comes in and one can only accept that 1st case scenario. The hotel was populated with guests in a number of areas from wing to wing, this did hamper things a bit as we couldn't not be assured that any evp may come from that source. Though it was a lovely evening, quite quiet it was very inconclusive. We did come to the conclusion that the person standing by the fire would be very hard to figure given the level of light and traffic in the area of the building. We do believe mediums, could have sauced up the claims somewhat for effect.


We would need to further investigate under quieter conditions.




Darkish (amplified)

Female Voices

Female Voices (amplified)

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