Case: # 2015-17
Location: Residence, Strathroy, Ontario

Members on case:

Kevin D, Jason W, Mike M.


Despite only being in the home for several months, the home owners claim a variety of odd occurrences ranging from footsteps, voices and shadows to kitchen utensils being shuffled and clinging as though someone is moving them around. Also the night prior to our investigation, the client claimed to have his foot grabbed while in bed.


The team began in the basement, starting in the clients “Game room” where he claimed to see shadows moving in the laundry room which is just outside of this room. He also claimed having the feeling of being watched while in the room. The team spent a while asking questions, during which time audible knocking could be heard on the ceiling and wall, however we could not deem this paranormal as it could have been a number of things causing this.
The team decided to move on to the laundry room where shadows were to have been seen, and while getting set up, cameraman Mike heard a shuffle behind him which startled him. Only a few minutes were spent in the laundry room before the team moved on through a connected bathroom, into a storage area type room, from which the laundry room could been seen through opened doors with the bathroom between the two areas. After several minutes of questions, Jason moved to a corner of the room where the Mel meter jumped to a 4.2 for a few seconds, as though some form of energy was present before moving on. The team tried to debunk this but were unable to. A few minutes later, Kevin and Jason noticed a form just outside the laundry room which they claim was a “transparent”, “Jelly fish” type looking mass. Before they could explore this further, the homeowner upstairs turned on a kitchen light, which traveled down the stair way casting light along the main living room and into the laundry room, which diminished whatever it was Kevin and Jason were seeing. The team then decided to break to collect their thoughts.
The team returned and decided to investigate the bedroom where the client felt his foot being grabbed. There were no incidents during this time. The team then returned to the basement where the mass was seen, this time Jason took over camera duties in hopes that Mike could see what Jason and Kevin saw. During this time, while asking questions, a thump was heard as well as a breath between Kevin and Jason, which was not captured on either audios or video. Later Kevin determined the thump sounded very similar to the bathroom light’s ceiling shade, which when both doors to the bathroom are closed and opened, the air pressure causes the shade to jump, however both door were completely opened when the team heard the sound.
The team then wrapped up the investigation.


Some very interested things happened during this investigation which coincided with the home owners claims and we are in the works for a return visit to further gather evidence for the clients.