Case: # 2015-15
Location: Upper Brewers Mill Lockmaster House

Members on case:

Dave, Sandy, Kevin, Shannon, and Sydney


As a result of the American War of Independence, thousands of people who remained loyal to the British Crown moved northwards to Canada. The influx of these loyalists led the government to examine the Cataraqui and the Rideau rivers to determine if adjacent lands were suitable for settlement. By 1800, most of the land along the two rivers had been surveyed and a number of mills had been built, the first, at Kingston Mills, in 1784. Within a few years, there were mills at most of the major falls along the two rivers: at Nicholson’s Rapids in 1785, at Merrickville in 1792, followed by Burritt’s Rapids in 1793, at Davis in 1800, and at Brewer’s Upper Mills in 1802. Despite the presence of these mills, settlement of the interior was very slow. Neither the Rideau nor the Cataraqui was easily navigable, and roads were scarce. It was, consequently, difficult to reach the St. Lawrence River, then the primary transportation route in the colony.

Upper Brewers Lockstation was the site of an 1802 mill that was destroyed by the construction of the Rideau Canal. This house is one of 11 defensible lockmasters' houses built at various lockstations to protect them from American attack. A one storey stone structure, it was built around 1842 and occupied by the lockmaster and his family until 1868.


No claims particularly, other than just the feeling of someone being present.


Upon arriving at this beautiful and historic property, we were treated to a tour from our client who had a vast array of knowledge and documentation on the property. We set to work setting up our equipment and doing all of our base reads and such. While investigating outside around the island some activity was experienced when one of our investigators felt like someone tugged on her hood. While walking to the locks an investigator swore she was talking to someone walking beside her however no one was there. Later in the evening 3 of our investigators were in the basement and our camera person had multiple experiences thinking someone was behind them, this person doesn’t usually get any feelings on an investigation. While all of our investigators were outside at one point our geophone inside the home went off after a bump noise. We also captured an EVP that night that says “get me outta here”.


We feel there may be activity present at this location and think it definitely warrants another visit in the future.



Get me out of here!

Get me out of here! (cleaned)


Geophone (cleaned)

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