Case: # 2015-14
Location: Picton Heights 4th Visit - Prince Edward County, Ontario

Members on case:

Dave, Sandy, Chris, Sydney and Phil


As in past the sightings of shadows, noises, touches and EVP backups. We have already concluded to a degree that this location has activity. Now we are gauging the who and how much.


Great night, perfect weather and a smaller crew. More pragmatic equipment and questions to suit the past investigations. We would focus on many voices that night. Our own, different views. We wanted to see if the person was what may attract the EVP. The evidence we received, at least on this investigation 3 EVP would point to more that female persuasion makes the most activity. The EVP, this time were female at that for the most part. Now where they staff, patients or military. Interesting.
Normally the admin building is quiet but it provided an intriguing EVP mocking Sydney. We did have some outside influence that night with some campers nearby. Not to the degree it would affect that.
Chris in the barracks building was startled by some rocks being thrown. Quite exciting for a spell. We discovered a new gymnasium. No older than 20 yrs we suspect. All in all a great evening. With results to show.


As in past accounts. We believe active


If it's still



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