Case: # 2015-13
Location: Murney Tower, Kingston, Ontario

Members on case:

Dave, Sandy, Catherine, Shannon, John and Carolyn


CHAPS was called into the Murney Tower in Kingston, A Martello style tower built for the Oregon crisis. It did not see battle. Over the years regiments were there and military families. It has been a museum longer than anything else. Tragedy did strike when the roof blew off and killed a boy in the park. We did have this as a line of questioning during EVP sessions.


The evening was perfect weather. The offside there was a lot of personal noise about the building. To be expected. News crews etc.
During the investigation, footsteps where heard in the basement. The KII was off the charts near the stove and John was brushed in the basement near the captains bed from 1812. Mitigating circumstances, water noise and street level noise. Hard to discount that when going over evidence. So unfortunately audio was non conclusive.


Could be activity. There were personal experiences. However a return would need to be much less contaminated.


PHOTOS from this investigation