Case: # 2015-12
Location: McDougall Mill Museum - Renfrew, Ontario

Members on case:

Carolyn, John, Dan, Cathy, Catherine, two members of the McDougall Mill Musuem


On July 25, 2015 the team investigated a historic building located in Renfrew. The McDougall Mill Museum was first built in 1855 and was used as a grist mill. It was then reopened as a museum in 1969 and is the home of many fond memories from local residents who have donated artifacts to the museum.
Some of the claims are footsteps upstairs, children playing and feelings of being watched.
We set up the cameras on each floor and Dan watch the DVR while we began the investigation in the basement and then moved to the 2nd and 3rd floor. Throughout the evening one of the members saw a figure of a woman, and a loud bang was heard behind where the team was investing. After investigating the noise we could not determine where it came from. As the museum is located right beside running water it made it difficult to capture evp's however there were a couple of possibilities.
This museum is full of interesting artifacts and if you are a resident of Renfrew there is a very good chance that the museum has a display that once belong to your ancestors.


Although the noise contamination was difficult to obtain evp's we did have some personal experiences. We cannot confirm if there is activity here however based on the claims from the staff and personal experiences we will certainly return.


PHOTOS from this investigation

Shortly after the investigation the museum had the team back for public investigation. You can read the write up for this investigation on the CHAPS page as well. Is the McDougall Mill Museum haunted???? Join us next year at the public to decide.

CHAPS had been called after a previous investigation to do a public investigation at the McDougall Museum.
The evening was clear, though the mitigating noises from the background waterfall would have some concerns. That being said it was a public event so experience would be the rule of the night. Various groups of people came through the museum that night. Some more expletive than others, different levels of engagement lent to the level of experience. I would say unsure if the mood then was set by activity or mood. Most of the events occurred with the second crew in that evening. Mostly seemed to be centred in the basement. Near the carriage corner. Multiple occasions people were touched. Voices heard on all floors. KII hits were strong and on request. Especially when discussing the murder that happened in the 80's near by. Of course, it has to be stated the contamination level was high. High enough, that upon review of the audio... there was nothing that we could go with on a concrete level.


Our consensus is that there may be a level of residual activity, possibly due to the artefacts. We will hopefully have a continuous relationship with the museum for further research.