Case: # 2015-11
Location: Picton Heights 3rd Visit - Prince Edward County, Ontario

Members on case:

COPS: Wes, Darren, Chris.
CHAPS: Dave, Kevin, Dan, John, Carolyn, Sandy, Shannon, Syd, Chris, Cathy, Jason, Mike, Catherine, Tyler, Guests Dave, Mike, Phil, Destiny


There are claims of older women chattering, A nurse that had been physically assaulted emotionally affecting people, Shadow figures down halls among the normal cadre of paranormal experiences that get cited.


There were again 3 teams in a 3 way building split. COPS had their own team, with 3 members from CHAPS to assist, Jason from the SW crew had a team and Dave had one. This summation is of that team. Starting in the admin building as it has become to be known. Top floor. Once mentioning a nurse, the KII hits began. Quick activity. Lights at the end of the hallway and Kevin had the sensation of having his shirt tugged. We did continue to get hits from the KII. Much higher than normal as we have been to this location prior. We did have some EVP from this area but the quality of the recording was too poor to present. Kitchen building, though quite slow in the investigation did net us an EVP that is quite clearly and older lady saying Hi. Activity as presented didn’t support too much. No readings, no experiences.
Barracks this as always is the most interesting place at this location and will be returning to focus solely on it. Hits all over when speaking to the military aspect. Rank, titles and military jargon seemed to illicit the most response. We did get an EVP calling someone a surgeon. Despite our shortened period in this building, we got a tonne of experience.


Prior visits have determined some form of activity it is an ongoing investigation.


Hi (amped)

Shes a surgeon (amped)


PHOTOS from this investigation