Case: # 2015-09
Location: NEAT Café, Burnstown, Ontario

Members on case:

Catherine, Carolyn, John, Tyler


On June 13th 2015 CHAPS investigated a unique café in the Ottawa Valley. The team arrived early enough to enjoy some amzaing wood fired pizza and delicious cookies before starting setup.
After dinner Adam McKinty, owner of the café, gave us a guided tour and explained some of the history of the building. The original building was an old school house built in 1889. Years later the school added on a 2nd room for the students. Since the closure of the old burnstown school the building has housed an antique store, a canoe shope and is now home of the Neat Café. The Neat Café provides live entertainment and is a great little country eatery. Adam explained that his staff had mentioned on numerous occasions after hours they can hear footsteps above the Café area where the “green room” is located however, no one is up there. They have also seen a little girl playing and sometimes things will be “misplaced”.
We began our investigation with base reads in each of the rooms. Most of them were average reads but the kitchen and one area in the hall showed high readings. We determinded this was a result of the kitchen equipment as well as a 600amp service in the hallway. After the reads were completed and cameras set up in the café, hall, stage area, and green room we began our investigation. We started in the Café where the footsteps were known to be heard after hours however all was quiet at that time. Continuing on throughout the building we completed the investigation and all was quiet. Since it was still early we decided to take a quick break and regroup. We then switched Leads and began the investigtion working our way down from the greenroom. It was at this time that John and Tyler caught sight of a shadow in the hallway believed to be a child. John encouraged it to come towards us however that is the only time the shadow was seen. For the remainder of the evening Adam and Tori – general manager at the Neat Café – joined us to help out with the investigation. We heard footsteps in the hallway as well as a shhhhh while we were asking questions about the teachers in the school. We were hoping that at some point during the night we would hear footsteps on the floor above the Café but sadly this did not occur while we were there. After a great dinner and Investigation we grabbed a couple of cookies and some carrot cake for ther ride home and began to pack up.


Although we had some very cool experiences during the night we were not able to capture anything on video or any solid EVP’s. At this point we cannot determine if there is any paranormal activity however we would like to return to this location for a 2nd investigation. One thing is for certain the Neat Café really is a neat place to visit.

PHOTOS from this investigation