Case: # 2015-08
Location: Private Residence, East York, Ontario

Members on case:

Sandy, Dave, Sydney, James and guest Quin


This family has been experiencing a multitude of activity for some time. They claim to be being followed by purple diamond faced entities. Electronics such as tv’s and video games turn on and off by themselves. Doors open and close on their own, cupboard doors move. The children are being scratched in their sleep. Many people have seen full bodied apparitions in the home. They see shadows in the home often. They are awoken in the night to smells of sulphur and burnt toast.


he investigation was fairly uneventful. Electrical readings were normal throughout the home. No doors moving or shadows were seen by our investigators while present. Upon talking to the clients that night in more detail it was brought to our attention that the family had sought help elsewhere first and that the person the had been in contact with only made the situation worse adding to the fears of the family.


After reviewing our footage we came up clean. No audio, picture or video evidence was captured that night. At this time we would have to state not haunted as we have nothing to deem otherwise.


PHOTOS from this investigation