Case: # 2015-07
Location: Undisclosed Hospital, Mid-West, USA

Members on case:



Without expunging too much detail it was a very large hospital that in the Midwest that dealt with the aged and the mentally ill


Huge amounts of shadow activity and disruptive spirit


Many teams working at the same time. Mind you the building with 800 meter hallways and 6 floors never contaminated. We tried to work with each time. All of being TAPS family so we can feel them all out. Many having the same pragmatic approach some more exploratory.
Many times though I am not sure it was mind work with shadows we had seen things. Smelled things. But what stands out was at one point I chased who I believed to be Adrian of RVPI down a hallway to only see that it was indeed a shadow, very clear and cognisant to me that it was of a solid form. Very interesting. Shocked me.
As this was a very overwhelming place it was more of a feeling out than a research project, hence we didn’t seek to get as many results as more experience


First time in 20 years to experience a physical shadow. I would say this needs to be revisited


PHOTOS from this investigation