Case: # 2015-06
Location: Backus Page House RETURN - Wallacetown, Ontario


This was a return visit


Tour guests have been known to experience uneasy feelings, as if they were unwelcome and figuratively being pushed out of the house. Along with claims of being touched, there have been previous claims of sightings of unknown children and hearing voices. Mike claims to have seen a figure of a man in the window of the third bedroom looking down on him while he walked toward the house a few years ago. On a prior investigation, while standing at the bottom of the stairs, Kevin saw a shadow look around the corner twice toward him, blocking out the light from the window in the upstairs children’s room. A couple months before this investigation, the house was “cleansed” by a few mediums.


We began in the first room upstairs, which was being renovated, and initiated the investigation, introducing the group anad going over the equipment we had with us, the Mel meter, K2 and voice recorders. After a few questions and no noticeable response, we moved onto the children’s room. A few minutes in to the questions, Kevin felt a poking sensation in his back, similar to a pin being stuck into his back, during this there were no changes with the equipment. We then entered the third bedroom, again trying to garner any kind of response from any possible spirits in the house, but it was quiet. We moved onto the final upstairs bedroom, and again asked a variety of questions hoping for a response or noise of some sort, but again no response.
We moved downstairs to the dining room, and during this time the house manager claimed to have heard footsteps, which we were unable to take as evidence as the camera was not rolling and no one else heard it. The group noticed a knocking/ticking sound coming from the kitchen, but after investigating it, we chalked it up to the furnace under the floor warming up before turning on. While Jason was standing in the door way between the dining room and kitchen, the K2 spiked went off for the first time in the evening, as Kevin went to check it out and headed around through the small room beside the kitchen , he noticed that a cabinet in the room seemed to have shook, but we were unable to take it as evidence as if you walk hard enough the cabinet rattled. A short while later while Kevin was in the kitchen, Jonathan, who was in the front foyer, received a small spike on the mel meter. After another series of questions, Kevin was talking about the kitchen sink, when he felt another poke in the back. Kevin then attempted to replicate the shadows he saw up the stairs by standing in the same location as the previous investigation, but he did not see anything. The group moved to the front hallway where a medium said she saw the spirit of an angry man walking through the hallway with dirty boots and a tool of some sort. During this time Jason received a second K2 hit while standing in the doorway of the hallway and kitchen. The group disputed as to if It was the emf from the furnace turning on or not, we decided to test it out, and the next time the furnace was turning on to stand in the same spot with the K2. We continued the investigation in the hall way but received no responses. During a break, Jason stayed back in the house, standing in the spot where the K2 hit happened until the Furnace turned on and ran, but the K2 did not spike as it had done before. Jason and Jonathan then did a quick 2 man investigation throughout the house one more time, but received no experiences. Kevin and Mike then entered for a final time, they had no experiences, however as they were wrapping up, a recorder left in the dining room captured an interesting potential EVP. When Kevin asked if any children were upstairs, a voice is captured that sounds like a male voice saying “upstairs”. We then wrapped up the investigation.


Similar to previous investigations at the Backus Page house, we did receive small hits here and there, but nothing overly substantial; however another return visit would likely be beneficial in the future to continue to gather evidence.