Case: # 2015-05
Location: Home Investigation, Iona Ontario
Date: May 9th, 2015
Members on Case: Mike M, Jason W, JonathanF


The clients had been experiencing a variety of activity throughout the home. There was a corner in the "music room" which they claimed would look darker than normal, as if a shadow was standing there. The home owner Emideo, records radio shows out of another room just outside the music room, and he claims to have heard voices coming from this room while it was vacant. In the main room on the first floor, the second home owner, Judy, described a time where she was sleeping on the couch in the music room, and woke up to noises down the hallway into the main room, where she noticed a "haze" like figure in that room, after a minute she heard a "shreeking" sound and the mist was gone. In this same room, Judy claims to have seen shadow figures, and describes walking toward the kitchen, turning the corner and being startled because she claims she walked right into some sort of shadow figure that then dissipated. Emedio also claims his laptop has been flipped over onto its top side several times after he leaves it on the dining room table. In the Kitchen, they claim that the cupboard doors have been opened without explanation. In the basement, Judy has claimed to have heard what sounds like a tribal bass drum. Upstairs in what was formerly their daughters room, the family claim on behalf of the daughter that she experienced cold spots in her room, as well as seeing shadows, to the point where friends refused to stay the night after their experiences. In the upstairs bathroom in between the daughters room and main bedroom, the home owners claim that one time while they were in bed, they noticed the bathroom light turn on, then thirty seconds later, turn off without any explanation. In the main bedroom, the residence have experienced the feeling of being touched while sleeping, as well as the smell of cigarettes and perfume. The home owners also describe times where their dog would climb under the bed, then yelp and seem to struggle getting out as if it was being held back or grabbed. They also have an uneasy feeling about the passing of their other 2 dogs, which happened last year a few months apart from one another, and claim they feel their pets died prematurely.


For the investigation, we used the Mel Meter, K2 and 2 voice recorders. We started in the main room where the shadows and mists were seen, but had no experiences during this time. We moved onto the "music room" where the dark corner is located, at this time we left one of the voice recorders on a table in this room for the rest of the night. After having no experiences of any kind, we continued on to the room where the home owner does his radio shows, and where he claims to have heard voices emanating from, yet we had no experiences. We then moved on to the kitchen area, and during the questioning and asking for any noises or knocks as to where the entity may be, I (Jason), heard a distinct knocking which was captured on the video's audio. We decided to move to the basement, however with several units running including the furnace, sump-pump and a dehumidifier, it was difficult to hear much. We had no experiences in the basement, so we moved upstairs to the daughters room where the cold spots and shadows were claimed to have been. At one point we did hear a knock on the ceiling above us, but we were unable to take that as anything serious as it could be easily debunked, we then moved on to the main bedroom. Things in the main bedroom were quiet until we started to ask about the passing of the residences pets, almost immediately after bringing up that topic, Mike who was on camera and standing with his back to the door/hallways, claimed to have felt a tug on his shirt. Shortly after this, I (Jason) felt as if the hair on my right arm was standing up. We then attempted to try and replicate the light in the bathroom turning on and off but it did not happen. During this time Mike claims to have heard what sounded like a bass drum in the distance. We took a short break and returned to the music room to attempt an sb07 spirit box session. We received no audible responses during this time. We then moved back to the main bedroom for a spirit box session, where we received several possible hits. When asked for a name, we agreed that we heard "Charles". We then had a female voice come through 3 times, however we couldn't make out any words, we just knew it was the same voice. We asked if there were any "Not so nice" spirits in the room, and a very deep voice came through twice. When asked if there were more than 5 spirits, we agreed to have heard a voice say "Nine". We asked if anyone could give us a name and we agreed that "Charles" came though again. When asked if there were any children, it sounded like a small voice saying "meee". it sounded like the same voice coming through saying "No" when we asked if there were any evil spirits in the house. After receiving no more voices using the sb07, we concluded our investigation. Upon review of the audio, we received the sound of someone yelling which was distant, but it was captured on both recorders and camera audio, so we decided it must have been something or someone outside. We did capture a few unexplained EVP's, one being while we were upstairs, my (Jason) voice can be heard faintly talking, but another unknown voice can be heard talking over me mid sentence. We captured a pretty good "Shhh" sound that came from somewhere very close to the recorder in the music room. During our break, while we are talking in the dining room, the recorder in the music room picked up a voice humming, almost like humming a song. When we return to the music room to continue on with the investigation, we get the exact same voice humming again for a brief moment before we turn on the sb07. We also captured a voice on the same recorder that we make out to say "Get out" followed by "Leave" in a harsh whispery voice. We did a wrap up for the video, talked with the clients again, and departed from the residence.


We felt it was a very good investigation. The main bedroom seemed to be the major hot spot for physical activity, however we did capture some great EVP's in the "music room" where we had the stationary voice recorded located. We think a return visit for a full investigation would be beneficial.




 get out leave 157 01

 humming 122 33

humming again 124 30


Shhh 144 44


Voice talking 33 31


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