Case: # 2015-03
Location: Home Investigation, Scarborough, ON


A family in Scarborough had contacted the Supernatural Research Society, who couldn't make the case for scheduling issues. They kindly sent our way. The home a 100 yr old plus farm house, now converted into a rental. A number of residents and animals present. Top floor issues with the voices and aggressive spirit letting them know of their angers. Young ladies being pulled by their legs in bed, footsteps coming from the attic. Appliances turning on by themselves. The pre tests, they showed the house to be quite flatline and solid. Which was shocking only a few spots of high EMF. Now that being said there is a number of people present, not sure how much that would lend to noises in general or smells. We did some audacity testing with the attic, the floors are pretty solid we could recreate some of the effect but for the residents to recognize what they were hearing it had to be slammed pretty hard. Not likely an animal. It could be a case of wind twisting the trussworks, the attic is vented on a number of levels. The investigation went slow until we were on the top floor. A number of audible noises, some touching. Was worth a return there later that night but nothing else happened. The EVP that was caught would back up the experience and the claims of the client.


I believe there is some activity albeit residual and not an intelligent entity. Most claims can be settled with some physical explanation




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