Case: # 2015-02
Location: Home Investigation, Oakwood, ON


This client in rural Ontario has been experiencing shadow movement and the like, much like many client. However what is occuring different is that her non verbal child, has begun to speak of a Sarah and that is it. Quite odd considering there is no one in her life with that name. At all, this is all she speaks of. A relative also ran out of the house screaming and will not return to what he had witnessed. Our base reads came to show this home is solid. Nothing out of the ordinary at all. This investigation featured members of the Northern crew and a daughter of Dave's. Was very personal, very empathetic by all. During the investigation, things were pretty quiet. However the EVP related something different. A young girl saying "you know I want to do it" Clear as day. We have scheduled a return to use more methods to capture, now that there is some backup for the claim. We have history on the home, a Sarah could have been present.

Investigation #2:

Oakwood ON, The last time we investigated this home we gathered an EVP with a young girl stating " you know that I want to " This prompted us to return to the location with a culmination of experimental techniques to gather more evidence. The investigation was more casual on purpose to have the conversation that may allow for such EVP to come into play. We had used the standard operating procedure for much of the investigation, remaining quiet. Strobe resulted in nothing much more than nausea, smoke and laser grids also failed to gather. There were some audible sounds heard in the home, none of which ended up on the evidence gathering machines. Spirit box sessions did come to interest when we used the words "Is this the mothers name" and on the SB7 we got "daughters name" quite clear. Interesting but in finality nothing conclusive this round and the home owner continues to keep a diary of events.


Ongoing. we are looking for more proof


You know I want to do it (amped)

PHOTOS from this investigation