Case: # 2015-01
Location: Home Investigation, Belleville, ON


Another team had contacted CHAPS to do a case in Belleville ON. A colourful client, ex rodeo rider. Told us stories of bottles being tossed in the kitchen, shelves being emptied off, foot movement above in the abandoned apt and a solid mass walking across the room after he touched it.

Base reads did little, but showed the solid trunk line in the house that gave constant readings. WiFi we do believe is accountable for the rest. So EMF detection not an issue. Debunking did little, as most of the events were personal experiences. Quiet downstairs. Up in the abandoned apt we did get foot movement and voices, however in the end the EVP we did capture came from the main apt.


Ongoing. Could be activity. Not sure what level and we are returning, possible for the entire building.




Thank You

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