Case: # 2014-16
Location: Corbourg Jail


CHAPS and COPS were invited to investigate the Cobourg Jail, overnight. Chilly evening but nothing remarkable. The owner of the jail had some guests present. The later on activity did somewhat discount some evidence. We had a triple team 3 floor rotation. The base reads rated the building as pretty much flat, the spikes were where we expected them Temperature varied as rooms varied. An odd experience when we opened a closed off room, the hotel for the most part is closed. The rooms heat was over 100 and the tub was overflowing. Prior to this when Sandy and I went to check the place out with the owner ceiling fans were spinning with no power, hard wired alarms were going off as well. At one point a closed off room sounded like furniture was being moved around. At that time, Sandy and I were the only people in the building.
During the investigation, there was not a lot of activity at all. Mitigating noises were making more effect than anything else. There were some power outs, at off times. However there was little to no activity. We did capture 4 EVP that we couldn't debunk however mild that they were. DVR proved no evidence either.


Unsure. would need to return without the extra atmosphere to do a more concise and intimate investigation.


Don't Touch It

I don't believe you

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