Case: # 2011-21
Location: Moundsville West Virginia State Penitentiary, USA


There are a multiple of claims to this location, being touched and followed. Items being thrown, the sounds of footsteps. The Penn was the scene of a number of riots and killings, documented as per the prison being 998 and a number of bodies buried on the property that is to some point hearsay. However a number of people were executed on the property.


There were a collab set of teams that night. CHAPS had invited Pararex for yet another foray, Mountain State Paranormal was also represented. We set out with 3 teams of 5 in separate rotated locations. All teams had multiple experiences, One team was using an ovilus their results were strangely similar to what you would expect, prison language and so. One team when in the Sugar shack was presented with audible screams on both camera and DAT. Teams heard whistles and knocks throughout the night. It would be assumed that with the location, this is expected. There would be a deal of pareidolia expected as well. It would be safe to state that the North Block and the Admin building which housed the psych ward and the infirmary were strongly active. Many of our sound anomalies came from these areas. Much of those we discounted as well. Much of the noise we had come across was unmistakeable for footsteps, quite incredible really. There are spots in the buildings that we found to be  less than up to the claims. The hole for example, in my personal opinion is not what the claims cite. It's a boiler room site. Being in the trade myself, the foundations were made for such machinery not isolation cells. This was backed up by a secondary tour guide who confirmed this. We found the newer portions didn't have much to offer, even though one part of the riot was there. It is most definitely an exciting location.


This investigation was more for fun, we didn't focus an incredible amount on procedure and more focused on experience to which we got quite a bit and gained some good EVP. CHAPS will return to this location next year we hope to spend more time in the busier areas. It would be our opinion that there is a multitude of activity in this location.



4 EVPs in 1 minute

Bad Before


Got someone down hole

I need help

Scream 1

Scream 2

Won't stop shadowing

You crack open door

Your Lucky

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Case: # 2014-14
Location: Return Visit - Moundsville West Virginia State Penitentiary, USA


A return to Moundsville. Also an investigation with COPS and select guests. The night was perfect. Mild and clear. To this point the most scary thing were the residents at the hotel we stayed at. During the investigation Listening to screams over the radio, people being locked in cells, touches and sounds of feet running above. All pointed to some form of activity. However with some time most of these events can be broken down to physical rationale. A shadow man pic took some time, but it was also eventually debunked. The last visit to the site was much more active on a physical level. This was much calmer unless the paradigm of getting used to the place may have affected the overall outcome.


We have pulled results in the past and with this visit that made our call activity we still believe that to be true.


Don't Go

Female Voice


Screw Me Hard

We are home



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