Case: # 2014-12
Location: Champlain Trail Museum (Public 101), Pembroke, Ontario


In late October 2014 the Champlain Trail Museum in Pembroke Ontario asked us to come and repeat the 101 and public investigation we did the year previous. Another great success crowds on both of the 2 nights. Lots of education on the uses of tools of the paranormal trade, then followed by the public taking part in an investigation of the 4 buildings.
Most of the evenings evidence would be discounted as with this sort of crowd the contamination is high, however we did get some interesting voices. One speaking of the schoolhouse in a very young girls voice coming from the church on the property? Can spirit move about or are they locked into location? KII was quite active during certain conversations with certain voices in the museum itself. Nice nights and good crowds it proved to be yet another successful year


Previous investigations have cited activity at the museum property. Investigation is ongoing and date secured for next year.


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