Case: # 2014-11
Location: Picton Heights RETURN - Prince Edward County, Ontario


Our return to Picton, 20 members strong on the large property. If only hampered by the extreme cold. COPS had joined us on this investigation again as the have in many. Our teams broke into 3. Led by Shanna, myself and Catherine. All teams did have some form of experience in the 2 major buildings. In the admin building Trevor, a normally relaxed investigator was crippled in tears. He felt assaulted, there is no physical proof for this but does lend to questions further into research. The barracks wing, we did disprove the original FLIR picture. Shame but this is what we do. There were a litany of noises and so on however with the weather being what it was it is highly probable we were hearing the normal stretch and bark of joints in a building. A ominous hum was heard at the admin wing, to which we have no explanation and it was heard by all


Previous works shows activity however unsure as there was many mitigating factors this evening.


Happy Birthday to you



I said drown

I got it

I told you

That was in there

Turn it off

You're a joke


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