Case: # 2014-11
Location: Picton Heights - Prince Edward County, Ontario


This evening we were invited to the Picton Heights, a former Canadian Forces Base and home for the handicapped. We were given entry by the Paranormal Seekers, but our own direction on opposing sides of the complex as they were holding a public investigation. Nice night, slow breeze and clear sky. Chris, Syd, Shan, Tyler, Sandy and myself. There were complete dead base reads for this location. Also at this point, being used for a paintball field.
We started the evening in the older portion of the complex. The East building. Right off the bat the noises began. It did have a pretty odd feeling there. The audio, audible to the ear was strong. Top floor, while spread into split teams I noticed something running down the hallway and went after it. Ran into a room, at this time a thermal picture was taken which has a face looking the same direction but down. On the opposing side of a wall, as in the other side I was standing. We tried to recreate and debunk with no luck.
In the lower floor. Tyler was striken with a bad headache we even contemplated getting him medical help. To the same area Shannon, who in 300 investigations has yet to have a real stir was grabbed and then when she moved ahead she heard a quick shuffling behind her. This startled her well. Even on the way out of that building to meet with the others, walking noises behind us. This was the active building no doubt. The second building, the newer hospital portion. Was not as active. The mid zone also left with a little to the imagination.




Voice Whisper

A Hundred




Female Voice


She's Rude

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