Case: # 2014-10
Location: Backus Page House - Wallacetown, Ontario


We arrived at the historical Backus Page House around 7:30pm and we were greeted by the museum Curator Angela Bobier, we were also joined by a local medium that gave us some information regarding on what she believed to be the spirits that still reside in the house. We were given the grand tour of the house, told of the hot spots that activity has been reported, mainly in the upstairs bedrooms, the master bedroom has reports of footsteps, voices and apparitions, the second area of reported activity is the children's room where reports of kids laughing and talking as well as footsteps and apparitions of children as well as the bed always being messed up like children have been jumping on the bed. The final room what is now set up as a archive room has reports of footsteps and noises as well as pictures that will fall to the floor no matter how many times it is set on the wall.
We started our investigation with base reads in each room, amazingly for a house that is 150 plus years old it is grounded very well, very little to no EMF was found in the house, we stared in the archives room, looking to find a reason for the picture that falls to the floor and after numerous attempts to shake the floor, use vibrations to shake it loose it didn't budge and this was with 2 big guys trying jumping on the floor to get it to move. We set up a static cam on the picture to see if we could get it falling but nothing was caught in the 4 hours we were there, EVP session was conducted in this room and nothing was captured.
We moved on to the Master bedroom, base reads and EVP sessions were conducted here and after review nothing was captured but there was a feeling of not being welcomed in that room, many of us felt it but again nothing evidence wise was captured. We then moved on to the children's room, base reads and EVP sessions were done and again after data review nothing was captured, we did set up a static cam to get anything with the bed but nothing was captured. We took a quick break to gather ourselves for the rest of the night, we started out in the dining area/kitchen, these rooms had a very sad feeling to it, almost a heavy feeling, at this point the house almost came alive, during this time in the main floor we started to hear talking coming from upstairs but nothing loud enough to understand, Trevor was standing in the door way between the two rooms and said he felt like someone was watching him, a presence was around him, at this point I (Kevin) switched places with him to see if I could get something and shortly after that I saw what looked like a person at the top of the stairs peeking around a corner, this happened twice, it was so profound that it blocked the light from the kids doorway. I asked for it to do something else and shortly after that we heard what sounded like singing from the kids room...sadly with out static cams and recorders nothing was captured on any recorder or camera.
We took our last break of the night to get ready to finish for the night, Jason and Trevor went in the house alone to do some soft solo sessions in the areas of activity and after data review nothing was captured, we gathered up our equipment and headed out for the night.


After extensive data review nothing evidence wise was captured but after talking with the team we have concluded that the house does have activity of some kind and we have been asked to return in December to run more tests to see if we can capture something evidence wise. It was an honour and privilege to investigate this historic homestead and we look forward to returning in December.

PHOTOS from this investigation