Case: # 2014-09
Location: Private Residence, near Belleville, Ontario


CHAPS was called into a home where the claims had been of the sounds of an older woman "playing" with the resident dogs. Dave and Sandy who had stayed at the home actually did experience the physical noises of working going on in the safe room behind the head of their bed. Exact to the claims. This spawned the firming of the investigation.
The house was very still and silent the night of the investigation at the onset. Dave, Sandy, Cathy and Dan proceeded to take base reads and such, None of which turned up anything of merit. The debunking sessions proved little except that the main floor sounds when you cross it. However somewhat duplicating the noises they hear when in the basement. Actually prior to investigation while we were in the basement, the motions audible commenced.
The weather was perfect, 22 degrees. Little wind and no precipitation. We situated cameras outside as well to determine of the noises may actually be animals in the yard. This came to nothing.
During the investigation, a physical sigh was heard by Dave who was last in line on a hallway. Proves nothing but an interesting point. Dan had at a point developed quite a choking sensation in a room as well.
The actual investigation, had almost no activity. During the evidence review we had a themed voice with what seems to be inappropriate yet harmless intentions. Very odd. Odd since all of them had relevance to each other and we did voice matching to no one.


Added to the physical noises that were heard the week prior that aligned with claims, the DVR camera shaking and the themed EVP. It is our opinion that there is something here worth looking further into as we attempted to recreate and debunk most claims there unsuccessfully. There may be activity. Further investigating needed.



Creepy Voice


Whipsers (amplified)

PHOTOS from this investigation