Case: # 2014-08
Location: Townhouse - Forrest, Ontario


We arrived at our location around 8pm and were greeted by the home owners Jen and Trevor. They told us accounts of shadows, footsteps, banging coming from closets, doors that would move on their own and a spare bedroom that always had a feeling of dread or something that didn't want you in there. The clients left the home for a few hours so we could conduct our investigation in private and without the pets in the home. We conducted our base reads for EMF and Temperature and everything was fairly normal besides the usual high readings from the appliances and clock radios. EVP sessions were performed in every room and floor in the home as well as a solo conducted by Mike and Trevor in the reading room with the most activity was reported. The night was fairly quiet, we did some debunking of claims and concluded that a lot of the footsteps that they were hearing was caused by the floors making creaking and cracking noises and traveling through the floor into other parts of the house, we did this in every room and the same thing happened, sometimes the noise would travel from downstairs to upstairs to give the sound of someone walking upstairs. As for the movement of doors we tried the usual stuff, walking heavy around them, jumping up and down to move the floor, nothing was moving these doors, even the vacuum effect was used and nothing happened, we don't have a explanation for this, just that they didn't move an inch for us that night. Now the reading room, this is the main room we focused on, there was a power box in the area of the room that the homeowner complained about but no EMF was bleeding through the wall, we did notice some old relics and photo's in the closet and I have suggested to her to move them out and maybe put them on display or do something with them to see if that slows down or stops the activity.


We concluded our investigation around 11:30pm and after reviewing the evidence we came up empty, nothing on audio or video and a few things explained as natural occurrences. I have given the client our findings and some advice to set her mind at ease and also my contact info to ask questions or if things pick up again and if she wants a followup we would be more than happy to do that for them.

PHOTOS from this investigation