Case: # 2014-07
Location: Private Residence, St Zotique, Quebec


Recently the Canadian Haunting And Paranormal Society was called in to assist a family in St Zotique, Quebec. CHAPS came in to help out this family as a referral from the TAPS family network. The activity seemed to be focused on the oldest daughter and her mother.


Claims in the home were not only numerous but occurred on a daily basis since the family had moved in. Physical emanations in a child's closet and a guest bedroom were seen; footsteps running up the stairwell to the second floor and in the hallway; the sound of boxes moving in the basement; the family dog barking at objects that were not apparently there; a unknown, soothing voice was heard on a baby monitor; a picture frame was seen to fly off of a wall to across the room and cigar/pipe tobacco smells in the garage. All of these incidents occurred when no people were in the rooms nor were any windows or doors open at the time.


CHAPS set up to perform an in-depth investigation to help this extremely tired and frustrated family. Personal experiences were numerous. Things began quietly in the kitchen area but became livelier in the oldest daughter's bedroom. While asking questions, investigator Tyler noticed the smell of either cigar or pipe tobacco (as if someone was smoking beside him). Several family members agreed to the smell being quite strong (I had to take their word for it as I was recovering from a head cold and could smell nothing). The odour became quite intense as at one point Tyler almost looked like he was going to be physically sick. A short time later in this room, investigator Carolyn commented about having been pinched just below the side of the rib cage. While we were in the Master bedroom, Tyler felt as if he were being poked in the back. EMF and temperature readings, behind him, indicated no change while this poking was carrying on. As a final indignity before this activity ceased, Tyler claims to have been poked in the butt.


Unfortunately, no physical evidence was found on either our video cameras nor our voice recorders.


PHOTOS from this investigation