Case: # 2014-05
Location: Private Residence, Peterborough, Ontario

History / Claims:

CHAPS was called in to do a home in the Peterborough Ontario area. 1880's era home. The owner had been in for 20 + years. Though he had an "arrangement" with the spirit, the young 6 yr son was being aggravated by it. Often scared by the basement stairs and in his room. Mother had also heard thumps and smelled cologne in her bedroom.


The investigation went off quite smooth, there were few points in the house that raised concern with the EMF detector. Now the home itself does have a collection of old and new wiring and old and new plumbing. Country homes tend to. The jet pump in the basement was posing a bit of a challenge with a leak that left the wetness factor down there quite high, the sumps were going off and relief water lines rushing so many noise effects from that part of the home. The son, to my belief either has a strong imagination or is actually talking to what he believes is there. In the basement we did have accelerated EMF and declining temps near active heat vents. Main floor, at one point the girls heard a child's voice. On the top floor a chest was giving off EMF similar to some fuse panels. That was quite odd. However in the end the audio files came up clean and there was nothing distinctive. However with some of the events, I'd like to see it kept an eye on.


Inconclusive. Keep a diary of ongoing events to compare to observations.


PHOTOS from this investigation