Case: # 2014-05
Location: Private Residence, Pickering, Ontario


This is a physical occurrence. Bed's being moved, crosses being moved, doors being closed and re opened on video as well as lightning in a room on video. These have previously been compiled by the client.


The investigation started with base reads. Nothing in this home is out of the ordinary with the exception of a air purifier. We had gone to the room affected and attempted to re create the lighting affect, as well as the cross leaning issue. For an hour we played with lighting and electrical effects, to no avail. Also attempts to justify the door opening and closing on it's own proved fruitless, there has been no tampering with framing, the pinning on the door is accurate as well. Along with video submitted, I believe to be legitimate. Frankly with the family that we met, physically and emotionally I believe them to be incapable of "pulling this off" They were scared, scared enough they had a video cam set up every day. The investigation itself, nothing came of it. No audio hits, no video or even any spark of EMF. But within the rationale that we can not explain the video evidence supplied, and couldn't debunk it. Along with the bed, that is 100+ lbs moved across a room on an angle. That I also have picture proof of. This was a compelling case for us, I'd want to revisit in the future


We believe, there is activity here albeit calming down. Possibly residual to some effect. A secondary 170 hr DVR footage run proved nothing else. This family I have faith in the evidence presented to CHAPS. I would like to continue research, along with their assistance.



To bring the case to date, since we left off. We had dropped a DVR at the residence for a 7 day period, amassing 170+ hours of video that was reviewed and with no incidences. The family did ask us to return as the mother was being scratched. This had been witnessed in person that she was not doing this personally. We did come to the home, normal reads. Nothing out of play. During the EVP session that we were doing her friend came to get us as She was scratched again, this time with very defined raised lines. All in places she couldn't reach. The rest of the night went smooth enough. We did a very out of order for us meditation, have to cover every base. two of the girls felt lifted off the bed. One of which had seen a face and shoulders. One at home realized they had scratches on their biceps and looking at the pictures I had noticed the back of my neck was scratched up pretty badly. I had asked for anything, I was given a P name. This is out of the ordinary for our team. But came up with something prior to their residence. As it were the previous resident his name was Paul and he was killed on the way to the store years before they moved in. Now I have been contacted since and it seems there is still activity. I have mentioned that the home needs to be seen to by their clergy at last resort. We got 2 EVP. One was a good bye after I asked it to leave the family alone. The other, not exactly sure.



Not Sure....