Case: # 2014-03
Location: Private Residence, Gananoque, Ontario


In 1952 a tragedy struck the family that was residing in the home. Two young brothers perished when the home brunt to the ground. Some time later another couple built a new home on top of what was once the barn. The wife passed away in the bedroom that was occupied by the clients daughter.


The activity seems to have started when the daughter was 3 months old and she was moved onto her own room. Her light would turn on by itself, the door would rattle when it was closed. As she got older she could see and hear people. The client hung a rosary on the back of the doorknob which made the daughter feel safe. One morning that client went into the bedroom and found the rosary broken and laying on the floor. To this day the rosary still hangs on the doorknob. Not long ago the daughter returned home for a visit and saw a young man with long blonde hair wearing a military uniform sitting on the basement stairs.
Other members of the family have also had experiences, the son had heard children playing in his room. The husband has been growled at on more then one occasion. The mother has also seen and heard things. Someone sits on the side of the bed and comforts a family member when they are ill. The piano has played a few notes on its own. And they often hear someone walking around in the home.


Through out the night, we heard numerous knocks and bangs that seemed out of place, and we were unable to come up with any solid explanation. EMF readings where normal throughout the home, except for the receptacles that had a space heater plugged into it. As well the electrical panel was a little above average. The owner being an electrician stated that the panel was properly grounded.
The investigation went smoothly. Personal experiences were shared by team members and the clients as we did hear voices and footsteps in different areas of the home. At the end of the evening a solo was done in the daughters bedroom.


After reviewing the evidence on the recorder and video we did not capture any activity that could prove the claims or our own personal experiences.


PHOTOS from this investigation