Case: # 2014-02
Location: Private Residence - Kingston, Ontario


The claims in this location were not very extreme. There was uncomfortability in some points to the home. A heavy dish had made it`s way to break on the floor. Initially they figured it may have been the pets, of which there a number of large ones in the location. The daughter had also had a large flash of light pass her in the basement on the way to her den. Even as recent, they had returned from a funeral in the city, to be greeted by a rose petal between the doors. In Winter, no roses in the home or passed through in recent time.


It was a cold and snowy night. Team of 5. Lead by Tyler. The base reads and temp. Temp was an even 19 degrees throughout, this wasn't going to change all night. The EMF reads were high in the corner of the home, however this is where the power pole comes into the house. In the basement, during the investigation they realized that a part in the ceiling was making the MEL go off the charts. Dave came to inspect, there is a combination of old and new wire coming into several junction points, as well as some retrofit copper with mixed fittings... troubling as well the use of soldering without a flamepad, making char marks in the wood. May be some contamination of wire and copper causing the EMF spike. Rest of the investigation was dead there. We did place a geophone on the counter, with a cap. No movement measured and no movement. The investigation went smooth. We did have to take the car out to prove a flash of light on the DVR was indeed the daughter coming home. Tyler did become quite sick during the investigation in the basement. Dave also felt the same feeling in the same area. This may wish to be looked into. We did approach a session with the departed occupant in the home. It was a very welcoming family that had us in


Nothing came up during investigation, nor by reads. The EVP file was blank. That being said, the noise contamination was a little bit high. Dogs very affectionate and horse sized. Very animal friendly house. As for the claims, I am afraid it chalks up to circumstantial . Not that it didn't happen but we can't recreate it. We are uncertain as to the level of activity there but there was none for us that evening.


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