Case: # 2014-01
Location: Private Residence - Scarborough, Ontario


CHAPS was asked out to an emergency call into Scarborough ON. Claims of banging out of a storage closet, disturbing one of the children. Calls from the hallway for the other child and the wife of the family plagued with doors closing and phantom steps in the hallway.


We did the standard reads and debunks. The entire house was flat EMF with the exception of a fish tank. The floors were quite tight and there were no real audible noises in the walls due to plumbing. Even between the floors the older house seemed quite solid. No noise contamination from much other than the street.
The investigation went fairly uneventful. We did a number of solos that night involving teens, family members and our team. There was a point in the basement where we had what we'd call whispers from the hallway. That might substantiate something, but it amounted to little. In the end nothing concrete, a dead quiet audio file. Only evidence to speak of was on DVR with a strange light anomaly on the wall. It was isolated and very clear. We are in no way an "orb" team. Not calling it evidence really more just interesting.


Clean, no haunt.


Pictures from this investigation