Case: # 2013-22
Location: Cobourg Jail / King George Inn, Cobourg, Ontario


The claims for this property are many over the years of operation. From the sounds of yells from the mentally ill portion of the prison to a little girl sitting at a desk in one of the rooms. The feeling of being stared at and touched. Books being moved and opened. Multiple guests of the now hotel writing of their entries of being confronted at night.


This was impromptu, a collaboration with C.O.P.S. a team out of the Belleville area. Exciting for us as investigating a jail, with corrections officers adds some panache. It was a late evening. Sandy and Dave were the only members of CHAPS, only a camera bag of equipment. The evening began in what would have been the morgue. There was some influxes of EMF and temperature. Not sure as to the reason, the trunk wiring was inspected and that was not the source. Beyond that, nothing there as was the next rooms we investigated that would have been the Governor's mansion. Once we got up the rooms, there had been some activity with noises and such. Mostly when we investigated the maids quarters. Noise and shadows. This was not reflected in evidence however. In the old cells area, now rooms we produced 2 EVP. Both of which, not when the camera was on but have been compared and not a voice familiar to the crew. EMF stayed quite balanced to the night. We did have some significant battery drains as well. Added to the director (Dave) bringing a head cleaner instead of a mini dv cassette.


Due to the short nature of this investigation and what we garnered. It would be undetermined until a furtherance to this works.



This is the train room