Case: # 2013-21
Location: Champlain Trail Museum, Pembroke, Ontario


There are claims of voices in the archives room, voices and touches in the log home and shadows and voices in the church and schoolhouse. Lately where the fire truck is there is also shadow activity.


The Champlain Trail Museum in Pembroke ON and CHAPS have a good history together. We have investigated there in the past, also participated in their festivals. They had invited us back to do an investigation as well as we included a public 101 and investigation. The public went very well with 100 people stuffing the church on the property. The investigation went better than expected with that number of people. Yet yielded no results. This is a side effect of that much contamination and equipment not being handled in the way to garner the needed evidence. No foul no one was trained to do it.
The private investigation came later in the eve, joined by museum staff. We made our way in 2 teams rotating to the property. The church seemed to have provided some voices, and some door noises. When team 2 was leaving the church we got a "bye bye" evp. The girls team got a word "note" or "no" The school house, team 2 got a female voice EVP. On to the log house team 2 did have some interaction on the top floor with a springing noise, never did any audio on that. EVP's "hi" and "no good" when playing with the blocks. In the archive room we got a an "ohooohooh" Dave heard it, saw it on cam and did come out on audio but was not a team member up there. Girls got one in the museum portion, "move away" or "in my way" This occurred right as they entered and had no relation to questioning.
It stand to reason, much of this may be explainable. However voice sampling, and video evidence has been analyzed and we can't explain much of it.
Great night, great support. Love to go back


We believe there to be activity at the Champlain Trail Museum.



Bye Bye

Female Voice


Move Away

No Good