Case: # 2013-18
Location: Imperial Theatre, Sarnia, Ontario


Multiple claims at this location. Gels being tossed in hallway, the sound of a couple arguing about money, shadows blocking the light from the main floor and a shadow crossing the path on the upper deck. There was a claim of a young girl singing in the change rooms and that of the engineer who died the day the facility opened, standing on the catwalks.


Was done on a clear night, late in the eve so the exterior noise was lessened. The team was being followed by a journalist as well. During the base reads, the entire building was dead, with the exception of where names uncovered on a wall were that used to be a barber shop. That did not change, interesting but likening this to natural factors. Possibly a trunked electrical line. The investigation itself was eventful, we began in the other shop half of the building with no effect. When we moved into the theatre, it had been quiet. Toward the former bank, Sandy and Dave used a mock argument to illicet a response. This also proved unsuccessful. There was no change, and there were no anomalies. However once we moved to the balcony the noises started, and the shadows appeared at least to our eyes. Different angles, to the catwalk over the theatre seating et al did not come to much. There was an EVP caught on the balcony, however it as also heard by the journalist camera. That being said, we couldn't earmark it to any of the crew. At this point, we will use as evidence, not proof. When we moved to the stage level, a random screw was thrown to the stage. It was an odd occurrence. Stage had been previously cleaned for a show, it had to come from somewhere and it bounced against the piano, so was sent from some other location. On the catwalks, our investigator Tyler (his 1st investigation as a guest) was grabbed, a sustained pressure on the shoulder. He was quite visibly shaken. Beyond that, the basement didn't yield any results. The basement of the other building however during Tyler and Sydney's solo, footsteps and a door smash from an unoccupied location. Lots of personal experiences and a great evening.


We happen to believe, there is something going on at the Imperial. As to what, or what level not sure. We would like to be able to re investigate in the future and focus on the "hotspots" we had in this run.



It's not worth it