Case: # 2013-17
Location: Private Home, Nepean, Ontario


The three bedroom two story townhouse was built three years ago. The clients are the third family to reside in the home.


The client stated that most of the activity takes place in the basement and the children's bedrooms. Light bulb from the basement ceiling was found broken on the floor. CD'S were scattered on the basement floor. Basement bedroom door opens on its own. Children's bedroom door close on there own. Daughter has started to sleep walk, once she walked into her parents room and said there is someone in the dollhouse and they want out. Another time she was upset and said you don't care about me and walked out. The father followed his daughter back to her room only to have the door slammed shut in his face by an unseen force. Guest in the home do not like the basement, they have seen a dark shadow in the girls bedroom as well as on the staircase. Daughter has seen a girl in her bedroom window. Young son said he seen a ghost as well as a monster in his sisters closet.


Base reads where normal, with a few low spikes throughout the investigation. Team members did hear some unexplained bangs in the home during the evening.


Upon reviewing the evidence we did have a few hits audibly, unfortunately they were not strong enough to present as evidence. As well the team members  personal experiences can not prove that paranormal activity is occurring. CHAPS would like to return to this location in the future to conduct a follow up investigation.