Case: # 2013-15
Location: Ottawa Valley Business, Ontario


At the clients request the name and location of the business will not be disclosed. To protect the identity of the business a brief history follows.
This is the third business that has been established in this building since it was built in the mid eighteen hundreds.


The client and staff have stated that they have seen or felt, the taps turning on by them self, lights turn and on, chills, and the sighting of a spirit.


Base reads where normal except for one area on the main floor that was high and remained that way throughout the investigation.
The team did notice that when your walked by a door which does had a window it did cast what look like a spirit in the area that others had reported the sightings. The team did hear what sounded like someone walking around on the floor above us.


On reviewing the evidence on the voice recorder due to conditions beyond our control the file was contaminated with mechanical noises from machines and equipment running in the background.

Although we cannot explain what was causing the high emf readings and personal experiences the team members had, we do not have enough evidence to conclude that any paranormal activity is occurring at this time.

There is no video for this case at the request of the client.