Case: # 2013-13
Location: Private Home, Petawawa, Ontario


Doors opening on their own, Child pulled off the bed - blankets staying in place, and pointing to the corner of one room in particular, also waking up throughout the night and he's trying to push something away from him.


The team arrived at the clients home and completed a walk through with one of the homeowners. He described the incidence in each room of activity. We decided to put a video camera and voice recorder in the childs room to see if we could capture anything during the evening. We then completed the base reads getting slightly higher than normal readings in different areas of the home. We started the investigation in the living room, moving to the kitchen as this was where the least amount of activity was noted. We then made our way upstairs to the spare room where it was noted the bedroom door opened on it's own. We were not able to have this recreated for us. We moved into the master bedroom and then to the other spare room where one of the claims was the clients awoke in the middle of the night to find the room pitch black - almost like there was someone standing over them blocking any light from the street. The final spot was the childs room where we had the camera and voice recorder set up the entire evening we were there. This was the main area of activity and we spent most of our time here.


After reviewing the evidence we were not able to pick up anything paranormal during the investigation. Throughout the night we did hear foot steps, voices and other noises that we were able to determine were coming from the neighbour's out side or from the attached home. As this was a row house with two dwellings on each side this could explain the slightly higher than normal base reads. At one point during the evening while we were investigation the child's room, John was standing by the window in the corner where the child would have been pointing to. A car drove by and his shadow reflected off of the mirror which looked like an oddly shaped figure in the dark. This could explain why the child points to the corner as there were some items on the dresser that my have cast a shadow on the mirror. No EVP's, photos or Video showed signs of a haunting. At this time we cannot prove that there is anything paranormal at this location.

There is no video for this case