Case: # 2013-12
Location: Private Home, Toronto, Ontario


The client, a man in 50's has been living alone some time. He is closed in the home for all intents and purposes. A collector, he has amassed many items that conceivably could attract some form of personality. he claims to have seen shadows and heard voices, but more feeling physical touch. Even to the point of massage. Not so much a negative thing, he just wanted to know he wasn't insane. The home did belong to his deceased parents.


The home itself is quite packed with memorabilia, and some places leakage that has caused mold contamination. A stuffy environment, however clean. The client was very welcoming and pleaseant with us. We did the investigation from basement to main. Base reads on this average weather eve. High in some points in the basement but expected in the locations, such as the fuse panel and boiler. Wire contacts with copper pipe etc etc. Field creation but nothing out of the ordinary. In the basement, Shannon had felt touched. There was a bell that went off, in an area that we could not access. Interesting. Heading upstairs, some breathing issues in a room. Again not sure if this is environmental. In the dining area, the EMF reads were quite elevated. We did discover below the floor to be a trunk line of wires. The TV, was also read at a point that would interfere with some process. We did take some time to speak to the homeowner about some personal observations. He was a very passionate man, quite upset about a number of things. I hope we managed to calm some of that down.


We did not obtain any evidence to show this home to be affected.